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If you are in the business of selling goods, you most probably need our Sales Invoice Template. Developed from scratch, this is exactly what we have successfully using and tweaking for many years. It’s a proven template that was able to meet and exceed the high expectation of our co-workers even without much additional customization.

The sales invoice template for those of you selling physical or intangible products

Download sales invoice template.

Check the service invoice template that is available for free download only here. You might find interesting our more sophisticated commercial invoice template or the simple free invoice template. In case you are offering service or giving consultations, then our service invoice templates should suit you better.

Service invoice template instructions:


Your Logo (optional) – you can replace it with your company’s logo or simply delete the sample logo

Company information: Company name, address, phone and fax number

Customer: Input the name/company, address, phone and fax number of your customer

Description: This section might be rather long or short depending on your needs. Consultants and service providers often need to explain in details their service or how they ended up with the calculations. You might include a lengthy description with breakdown of  details or simply enter each charge in a separate row

Comments – use this section to add any additional instructions or notes to your client. You may refer to the methods and terms of payment, or add specific payment instructions here.


You might need to change the currency if you are not billing in USD (united states dollars). As this is a word template you only need to change the currency reference in the Notes section on the bottom left.

find “All currencies in US dollars”. and change it to the currency you need.


You can print and mail the invoice to your customer. However, we recommend e-mailing it to keep your business green and paper-free. First you need to convert the ready invoice to pdf format and then e-mail it to the client. Converting to PDF is easy: use File -> Save as -> and choose .pdf from the drop-down menu.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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